AVANTGARDE ACOUSTIC ZERO XD – i ovo možete poslušati na MULTIPAKexpo2016

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More integrated, compact and simple, and yet a veritable horn loudspeaker—to the very last decibel. The ZERO 1 is a dream come true—one that we have shared with many friends of our horn loudspeaker factory for over twenty years. After all, as fascinated, moved and amazed we may be by our larger acoustic transducers, we have always longed for a more compact horn loudspeaker to make the incomparable experience of Avantgarde Acoustic accessible to a wider audience of audio enthusiasts.

The ZERO 1 opens up this new road with a revolutionary size, simplified shape, hassle-free setup and fully integrated processor and amplifier technology.


Digital processors, digital-to-analogue converters, power amplifiers and loudspeakers—all in a fully integrated system. And more importantly: all of a level of high-end quality hitherto unseen in this category.


The loudspeakers communicate with each other via a radio link. They only need to be hooked up to the mains with the digital input of the master loudspeaker connected to the music signal (e.g. via AirPort Express*).
That’s it.


Despite its clear, simplified shape and compact size, the ZERO 1 is brim-full of self confidence as it seamlessly integrated into its owner’s living environment. Moreover, its recessed spherical wave horn is a shining example of functional beauty.

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Video:Na Multipaku predstavit će se proizvodi – Sonus faber!

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Za sve one koji su propustili prošlogodišnji ‪MultipakExpo‬

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Za sve one koji su propustili prošlogodišnji ‪#‎MultipakExpo‬, ali i za sve one koji se žele još jedanput podsjetiti kako je proteklog vikenda u Pakracu bilo, postavili smo video na naš YouTube kanal.

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